WiredRE Research Shows Data Center Market Deceleration (INFOGRAPHIC)

As the amount of Internet traffic created around the world continues to grow, big data becomes an increasingly necessary part of business and companies continue to expand their IT infrastructure, the data center industry continues to grow but at a decelerated rate. Reports that there is more demand for data center services than there is … Read more

UK Data Center Market Largest in Europe

A recent UK data center pricing report suggests the UK data center market – see full list of facilities at UK Data Center List – is the biggest in Europe with over 6.9 million square feet of floor space expected to be available by the end of 2014 and the highest rack space pricing per … Read more

Cloud, Colocation, and Data Center Real Estate by the Numbers

The Data Center Real Estate Group (“DCRE Group”) we host on LinkedIn just received its first acting member of Congress as a member, and I’m exceedingly pleased to see Anthony Wanger, Founder of i/o, posting regularly. If you haven’t seen their modular approach to data centers, I encourage you to check them out. As the … Read more

Data Center Market Trends, As the Office Market Goes, So Goes the Data Center…Sort Of

I’ve never been a believer in the infamous reports of data center supply shortage. In my mind, “data center shortage” is the number one myth in our industry. From where I sit, there’s a shortage in data center planning and operators, not the underlying facilities. Further, it’s far too simplistic to lump all demand and … Read more