UK Data Center Market Largest in Europe

A recent UK data center pricing report suggests the UK data center market – see full list of facilities at UK Data Center List – is the biggest in Europe with over 6.9 million square feet of floor space expected to be available by the end of 2014 and the highest rack space pricing per month on average of all European countries. The Tariff Consultancy, LTD (TCL) research also suggests that the UK data center market will remain stable through 2019 with a growth of 22 percent over the 5-year period.

UK data center space has traditionally remained close to London, but as the market grows major facilities have been constructed further from the city in areas such as Wiltshire, North Cambridgeshire, Manchester, Newcastle, Slough, and Leeds. With this shift, 56% of available UK data center space is now in these tier II markets, where service providers are also developing their network.

This shift to risk adverse campus-style space outside London allows telecoms, hosting companies and other customers to rent high quality space that can grow with them over time as an alternative to the financial risk of building their own facility. The new facilities are being introduced by providers such as Camro, Cobalt Data Centres, Infinity, Equinix, and DRT.

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