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IT Demand Response Planning (“iDR”) for Cloud, Colocation, and Data Center Investing

IT Demand Response Planning ( “iDR”    ) is the process of managing and optimizing the use of information technology (IT) resources, such as  computing, storage, and networking capacity, in response to changes in demand. The goal of IT demand response planning is to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT operations by ensuring that resources are used effectively and in a way that meets the needs of the business. 

In this process, IT resources are managed in real-time, based on the demand for services and applications, to ensure that resources are used optimally and that performance and availability are maintained. This is done by monitoring the utilization of IT resources, analyzing data on usage patterns, and using automated tools to adjust the allocation of resources to meet changing demand.

IT demand response planning typically involves the use of virtualization, cloud computing, and other technologies to allow IT resources to be allocated and reallocated dynamically, as needed, to meet changing demand. This can include adjusting the number of virtual machines, the size of storage arrays, or the capacity of network connections, among other things.

The overall goal of IT demand response planning is to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT operations, while ensuring that the quality of service and performance is maintained, even in the face of changing demand. Establishing a common and scientific planning methodology is the quickest and least-cost method for reducing delays, lowering risk, and improving outcomes.

“The WiredRE approach is brilliant,” commented Data Center Manager, Fortune 50 Technology Company. “iDR Planning is an intuitive methodology for long-term IT strategy and planning.”


WiredRE counts two of the top three global telecom firms and over half of the most admired banks in the U.S. as clients. The firm developed its proprietary approach via methodical study of real world deployments and techniques used routinely in the utility industry, the industry from which WiredRE’s founder, Everett Thompson, originates. IT planning based on demand response is a proven and scientific approach that CFO’s and other senior executives can employ to more closely manage organizational risk in rapidly changing environments.

WiredRE is the nation’s leading independent cloud, colocation, and data center advisor. The firm provides information and analysis on strategy, planning and finance. WiredRE counts two of the top three global telecom firms and over half of the most admired banks in the U.S. as clients. The firm represents major developments globally – search and map over 2000 locations at: Data Center Provider List – US Data Center List – International Data Center List.


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