Osaka Data Center For NTT Group Beginning Construction

NTT Communications Corporation announced that it will begin construction of a new Osaka data center in Japan.

The facility, located in the heart of Osaka, will provide cloud and colocation data center services for customers creating hybrid cloud environments connected to cloud infrastructure. The Japan data center will be comprised of almost 40,000 square feet and house 1,600 racks. NTT hopes to have the building operational by the first quarter of 2016.

Financial and manufacturing companies are increasingly using facilities in Osaka to back up alternate Tokyo data centers. Osaka 5 will help to meet the growing demand as well as address Japanese concerns about rising energy costs and powerful natural disasters.

Energy-efficient Data Center
The new Osaka facility was designed using data center sustainability techniques including energy efficient air conditioning like the use of outdoor-air to reduce the consumption of power. Because of these green efforts, when the building is completed it will be capable of achieving a 1.3 PUE rating. A rating at that level would be a first for the surrounding Kansai region and one of the best in Japan.

The operating and construction costs for the data center are being decreased by almost 30 percent when compared to similar facilities by using an existing building foundation, adopting a mega-structure design to reduce the use of steel while still maintaining rigidity and utilizing a highly efficient facility layout.

The Osaka data center will be seismically engineered, allowing it to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 9.0. The building’s predicted movements during such an event have been calculated and will be taken into account during construction to minimize the damage to customer equipment in the case of large vertical shifts. The facility is also connected to a large, quakeproof communications cable tunnel designed to protect cables from earthquakes and everyday disruptions like road construction.

The facility will be located a safe distance from the major bodies of water in the area to prevent damage from tsunamis or floods. As an added safety precaution, the Japan data center’s communication facilities, server rooms and electric power equipment will all be housed on the second floor, 23 feet above the ground.

The building’s electricity will be provided from two separate power substations, ensuring a highly reliable power supply. The data center will also have a direct connection to optical fiber made possible by cable tunneling and the facility’s close proximity to the Dojima area, Kansai region’s major site for Internet exchanges.

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