Carrier-Neutral Data Center Transition for Five Verizon Data Centers

Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced in June that five of its enterprise-class colocation data centers have been converted to carrier-neutral data centers.

The transition will allow clients purchasing colocation services in their Boston, Seattle, Manassas, Virginia, Elmsford, New York and Denver data center markets to choose their own third-party network provider to increase carrier diversity and redundancy. With five new facilities making the switch to carrier-neutral, Verizon now has a total of 16 colocation facilities where unrestricted interconnection with multiple carriers is possible.

“More and more enterprise and government clients are opting to utilize colocation services to augment existing data center capacity rather than build their own facilities,” said Guy Tal, Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ manager of data center interconnection services. “By loosening previously restrictive interconnection policies, we are meeting customer requirements for flexibility and choice, thereby enabling an easier migration path to using a third-party provider for critical data center services.”

Before changing to carrier-neutral facilities, the data centers operated with dual-carrier network connectivity. Verizon acted as the primary carrier while an alternate, pre-selected carrier provided backup network services. With the new service plan, Verizon is hoping to position itself as bigger name in the enterprise cloud industry.

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