Modular Data Center Solution Introduced by CommScope

Infrastructure and communications solutions provider CommScope recently unveiled Data Center on Demand, its newest modular data center offering. The new approach to rapidly established structures enables facility operators to benefit from boosted flexibility and increased efficiency in comparison with traditional brick-and-mortar data center projects.

Modular Data Center Market Demands
The main factors driving the demand for modular data centers is the need of data center companies to address capacity, scalability and data center sustainability requirements. Additionally, clients also require solutions that allow them to relocate the facility per their needs. As more organizations become aware of the modular solutions on the market, adoption will increase.

Data Center on Demand Details
CommScope pointed out that traditional data center construction can take up to 36 months from launch to completion. During this time, more advanced components may be developed, preventing data centers from taking advantage of best-in-class technology.

The system can be tailored to include a range of off-the-shelf options with the ability add a number of complementary components.

Clients can choose from a number of configurations within the Data Center on Demand product family. Solutions include one, four, 10 and 20 rack building blocks as well as a range of mechanical, electrical, fire and security options to suit customer needs.

CommScope also included technology for data center sustainability. Once established, the modular data center boasts a PUE rating of 1.03 to 1.06 annually.

A Means to Address Market Demands
CommScope noted that a number of factors have created the need for this type of solution in the industry, including accelerated technological advances in the sector and the ongoing requirement for operators to mitigate financial risk.

Kevin St Cyr, CommScope senior vice president, said today’s businesses struggle with the large amounts of data associated with current processes and must explore strategies to grow the company’s capacity.

“Some are up against the wall when it comes to physical space or available power and Data Center on Demand gives them a viable solution to expand quickly and easily with industry proven technology,” St Cyr said.

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