Juniper Networks Unveils New Cloud Data Center Design

Juniper Networks is known for its data center solutions, including systems that address routing, switching and security. Recently, the company grew its service footprint with the introduction of its new cloud data center infrastructure, MetaFabric.

According to the organization, the new architecture is comprised of arrangements that unify SDN, orchestration, switching, routing and data security. The platform leverages Juniper's network innovations, professional services and technology partnerships to create an overarching management solution. MetaFabric allows clients to deploy and deliver applications much faster in multiple data center sites utilizing the solution.

Additionally, to make integration seamless and gain insight over several facilities, the data center design concept also has location-independent coordination, allowing administrators and operators to easily manage systems. This makes the best possible use of data center resources and also boosts a client's return on investment, Juniper stated.

MetaFabric can also be implemented alongside an existing infrastructure, while enabling customers to adjust and adapt their facilities to meet their growing and changing needs. The platform provides a clear, unified view of the resources being utilized at all facilities within the network, and assists in the management of these systems.

The data center architecture design greatly enhances end user application experience through improved business agility. This falls in step with new findings by Gartner that show traditional data center designs are struggling to support modern user demands and applications.

"To optimally serve the business, network architects must shift their thinking from technology to user and business processes," Gartner stated.

Juniper said its new cloud architecture can help enhance time and value props within an organization, as it "changes the paradigm" of data center design concepts.

MetaFabric Guiding Principles and Components
According to Juniper, the new cloud infrastructure was designed around three important guiding principles to provide an avenue through which customers can unify their facilities' hardware and software systems.

The guiding aspects include "open," which refers to the open interfaces and service agreement which does not lock vendors in. The second principle is "simple," describing MetaFabric's ease of use. The third is "smart," referring to the intelligence and analytics that Juniper built into the system.

MetaFabric also utilizes new solutions only recently made available by the company, including its new 10G and 40G access switches, part of the QFX5100 grouping. Also included are new SDN and WAN capabilities accessible on MX Series routers, which link a client's physical and virtual networks.

Rami Rahim, Juniper Networks executive vice president of its platform systems division, said MetaFabric represents the first data center design solution made available that provides management over multiple data center facilities.

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