Sify Technologies Launches Tier III Green Data Center

Sify Technologies Limited recently announced the launch its newest data center in Noida, India. This is the company’s fifth data center in the country. Sify is a leader in managed enterprise, network and ICT services in India, with a growing footprint in the global market.

“Our data center strategy is the epicenter of our transformation story,” said Sify CEO Kamal Nath. “The Noida data center is an important milestone in our journey to becoming a strategic ICT partner to our clients.”

Noida: A Green Data Center
Sify built the $30 million structure according to the Uptime Institute’s standards for Tier III data center design certification. Sify received certification of the design documents of facility for meeting standards for Tier III data center design in November, 2012 while the company was in the building process, according to the Uptime website.

The Uptime Institute stated that a data center that attains Tier III certification is equipped with multiple paths to deliver power and cool internal systems for increased redundancy and reliability. A facility of this kind is capable of offering 99.99 percent uptime, which provides confidence in service availability to customers storing information or utilizing the data center for managed services.

Included in the data center design of the fifth facility in India is a 10 megawatt power capacity to enable high density computing. In addition, the floor loading capacity of the modular data center totals 307 pounds per square foot (1,500 kilograms per square meter). The facility will offer infrastructure, managed and consultancy services, as well as enterprise risk management and hosted applications.

Environmentally Friendly Data Center
The facility was designed to achieve a power usage effectiveness of 1.6 or less, making it an environmentally friendly facility. Included in the consideration of the PUE rating are the data center’s lighting, electrical and computer systems, which were selected for optimal energy efficiency as well as for their minimal environmental impact.

The facility also has low emission power generators and data center power alternatives including photovoltaic cells utilized for outdoor lighting and a rainwater harvesting apparatus. Additionally, the data center is considered a zero discharge building, as all waste within the facility is recycled and reused.

All About Sify
Sify was established in 1995 and has since become the first IPv6-enabled network in India, as well as the third largest provider of IP VPN services in the country, according to the organization. In addition, a year after starting the company, Sify became the first ICT business based in India to be listed on NASDAQ.

Sify’s impact in India has included making end-to-end services available through a data network infrastructure spanning more than 1100 cities in India. Furthermore, Sify’s data center fiber optic cable system connects 36 facilities in India, as well as its five Tier III data centers in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengalurru.

Currently, Sify’s main focus is its enterprise services, which include telecom, data center, telecom integrated services, cloud and managed services and application services. The company hopes its newest facility in Noida will continue to grow its service environment and offer improved solutions to customers.

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