Cavern Technologies’ Additional Build Will Make Data Center Midwest’s Largest

Cavern Technologies recently announced it will build an additional 100,000 square feet of data center space, expanding its current 60,000-square-foot Kansas facility. Once the build is complete, Cavern Technologies will have the largest data center in the Midwest region.

The company, which launched cyber colocation services in 2007, is a leading provider of data centers, involved in the development, leasing and operation of customized facilities. Cavern currently operates out of a 3 million-square-foot underground structure in Kansas, where its Energy Star infrastructure is housed. The data center layout features specialized power, cooling and security features to meet the needs of customers' IT needs. Cavern Technologies seeks to provide customers with tailored business solutions supported by its data center infrastructure design, which decrease the cost of colocation data center ownership. 

Continuous Expansion of Facility Services
This marks the third year in a row that Cavern will increase the size of its data center, most recently adding 31,000 square feet to its underground facility in December 2012.

Last year's expansion was carried out in order to provide customers with additional resources to support their services, including dedicated support space, dual power feeds, redundant UPS and generators. The expansion also featured high capacity and redundant HVAC system, a fire suppression system and multilevel security.

In addition, the company also benefits from data center tax incentives for its Kansas expansions. Cavern president John Clune said the organization received one year of free power spread out over five years, as well as tax exemption status. Furthermore, local utility provider KCP&L offers reliable, low cost electricity to Cavern and its clients. John Clune said the initiatives gave the business a competitive advantage in bringing clients to the region.

The current build will offer additional customer suites, and the company announced it began the process of putting space at this data center for lease on the market. The project is set to be completed and online by January 1, 2014. 

Customer Satisfaction Through Best-In-Class Services
The company stated that it offers several dynamic features that attract tenants and maintain customer satisfaction, including high level protection against natural disasters, energy efficient facilities, ability to cut customer costs and speed-to-market. Cavern CEO Pete Clune also stated the organization's flexibility in creating customized customer suites and providing the ability to easily scale IT operations have also led to major growth within the company.

"With Cavern's focus on the infrastructure piece, including the space, power, cooling, security and bandwidth our client's IT department can focus on their unique mission critical business operations," Pete Clune said.

John Clune stated the company's utilization of industry-best data center design, construction and operating practices have also kept expansion efforts moving. Cavern's attention to detail and operational expertise help the company develop a "proven, predictable, state-of-the-art data center environment," John Clune said.

Additionally, John Clune said Cavern prides itself on exceeding clients' expectations while becoming not just a service provider, but a true partner. According to the company's website, Kent Gaft, SCL Healthcare System director of technology, agreed, saying the organization's connection with Cavern goes beyond that of the conventional landlord/tenant exchange.

"They have been our partner," Gaft said. "Cavern has accommodated and guided [SCL Healthcare System] as our need for power, cooling and space increased. We look forward to a long term partnership."

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