WiredRE Overall Value Proposition

The WiredREValue Proposition is based on the premise that our customers need reliable data centers, the right colocation and real estate. They know that your company will not operate without secure physical buildings in which to place computers that deliver your website information to your customers’ computer screens.As the nation’s leading cloud, colocation and data center real estate advisory firm, WiredRE provides overall value to our customers with a firm understanding of data center and network requirements of many types of companies such as gaming, financial services, healthcare and other high traffic data intensive industries. With a firm grasp on a number of different business needs, the WiredRE team applies their data center knowledge to advise companies like your son data center planning, brokerage and finance. With over 200 engagements in the past three years, WiredRE is leading the way in colocation and data center solutions in high demand US markets such as Chicago, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Dallas, New York, Iowa, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle.

WiredRE has cultivated experience that benefits our customers in areas such as:

Find out how WiredRE can create value for your growing business, contact them at their San Francisco HQ today call 415.670.9734 or email info@wiredre.com.

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