Data Center Finance

WiredRE offers data center finance, development and investment support via our unparalleled access to buyer relationships and capital. The company’s experience encompasses users and investors in greenfield developments, conversion, NNN leased, or other mission critical real estate projects. For data center end users, the firm offers build-to-suit, buy-to-suit and redevelopment opportunities. For investor clients WiredRE offers the opportunity to participate in strategic joint ventures, opportunity funds, and targeted investment development programs.

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Florida Signs Data Center Tax Incentives

Jun 05, 2017

The Florida Legislature and Governor put the final signatures on its tax package (HB 7109) that includes a sales and use tax exemption for property and equipment and electricity for qualifying data centers. With this legislation, Florida becomes the 27th state to have data center tax exemptions and is one of only four states to […] READ MORE »

U.S. Venture Capital Market – Online and Software Industry

Jun 02, 2017

VC investment activity jumped in 2014 by 53% over 2013, growing from $45 billion to $69 billion. The market has sustained momentum with $79 billion in 2015 and $71 billion in 2016. 2017 activity is anyone’s guess at this early stage. Software companies are some of the biggest consumers of data centers. For Q1 2017, […] READ MORE »

2017: Data Center Pricing, Supply & Demand

Jun 02, 2017

2016 wrapped up for the data center Big 6 public providers (EQIX, DLR, CONE, DFT, QTS and COR) with stable to modestly improving price dynamics, and a supply/demand balance in most markets. While pricing has been stable for the last few years, it is the industry’s continued commitment to underwriting deals based on sustaining ROIC […] READ MORE »

$20 Billion CAPEX Spend For Big 6 U.S. Data Center Companies

Mar 21, 2017

Aggregate development CAPEX over the next four years is estimated at $20 billion. While the top 10 global investment banks will capture the lions share of the credit/debt financing sought by these companies, the remainder of the data center market will need capital too. READ MORE »

Infrastructure Cost Perspectives: Cloud, Colocation, Build-To-Suit

Oct 08, 2016

In today’s world an Infrastructure Demand Response (iDR) approach to data center capacity management of application workloads and physical infrastructure is key to cost and risk management. “Demand Response” has been used for decades in the power industry to manage just-in-time power resources to fulfill demand. This approach in the power industry is analogous to […] READ MORE »

Colocation provider InfoRelay recently purchased a Virginia data center from 365 Data Centers.

WiredRE Completes International Market Advisory for Top 5 Investment Bank

Oct 07, 2016

WiredRE has recently completed an international multi-market assessment for a top 5 international investment bank. Data center market research and advisory for investors, investment banks as well as data center operators or allied industries is a key consulting activity for Wired Real Estate Group. Each assessment includes supply and demand characteristics, pricing dynamics, competitive set […] READ MORE »

Equinix has purchased land for a future San Jose data center.

Data Center Finance: Equinix Purchased Land In Silicon Valley

Sep 03, 2015

Colocation services giant Equinix recently purchased land in Silicon Valley for a possible future San Jose data center. READ MORE »

The global containerized data center market is expected to experience growth through 2019.

Data Center Finance: Containerized Data Center Market

Sep 03, 2015

The global containerized data center market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 20.91 percent from 2015 to 2019. READ MORE »

CenturyLink announced its expansion in six markets so far in 2015.

Data Center Finance: CenturyLink Expands Into Six Markets In 2015

Aug 31, 2015

Communications and colocation data center services provider CenturyLink announced mid-July that it now offers around 2.6 million square feet of raised-floor space. READ MORE »

The global colocation market will be worth more than $50 billion by 2020.

Data Center Finance: Colocation Market Growth By 2020

Aug 31, 2015

The global colocation market is expected to be worth $51.8 billion by 2020. READ MORE »

The FASTER cable will connect the Asia Pacific region with the U.S. West Coast.

Telx Announces Support For FASTER Cable System

Aug 31, 2015

Data center solutions provider Telx announced its support for the FASTER cable system READ MORE »

Cologix is looking to expand its data center footprint with recently secured funds.

Data Center Finance: Cologix Secures Debt Funding For Expansion

Aug 31, 2015

Colocation services provider Cologix recently secured $225 million in debt capital. READ MORE »

EdgeConneX will build a MICE node into its Minneapolis data center.

Minneapolis Data Center Site For EdgeConneX And MICE Partnership

Aug 24, 2015

Edge hosting solutions provider EdgeConneX announced mid-July a partnership with the Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange. READ MORE »

Interxion's London data center will gain a fiber-optic point of presence.

London Data Center Site For Interxion And NexGen Partnership

Aug 23, 2015

Europe-based colocation and data center services provider Interxion announced mid-July a partnership with fiber-optic services company NexGen. READ MORE »

Digital Realty announced a common stock offering on July 14.

Data Center Finance: Digital Realty Common Stock Offering

Aug 11, 2015

Data center and colocation services provider Digital Realty announced that a public offering of 10.5 million shares of its common stock would sell for $68.00 per share. READ MORE »

Digital Realty announced the acquisition of Telx, doubling its data center footprint.

Digital Realty Acquires Telx

Aug 11, 2015

Colocation services provider Digital Realty announced mid-July its intent to purchase the U.S.-based data center solutions company Telx for $1.9 billion. READ MORE »

Pennsylvania data centers may be getting tax breaks in the near future.

Pennsylvania Data Centers May Receive Tax Breaks

Aug 11, 2015

Bills moving through state legislature could make some new Pennsylvania data centers and those undergoing expansion exempt from sales tax in the near future. READ MORE »

Bitcoin vendor BitFury is going to build a 100-MW Republic of Georgia data center.

Republic of Georgia Data Center Planned By BitFury

Aug 09, 2015

Bitcoin vendor BitFury recently secured $20 million in funding for a technology park in the Republic of Georgia, which will include a Georgia data center. READ MORE »

A Phoenix data center was purchased by JDM Partners.

Phoenix Data Center Acquired by JDM Partners

Aug 09, 2015

Real estate company JDM Partners purchased a Phoenix data center from State Farm Insurance. READ MORE »

Data centers have been given an extension on tax breaks in Washington state.

Data Center Tax Incentives Extended In Washington State

Aug 09, 2015

The state legislature of Washington passed a bill at the beginning of July that would extend data center tax incentives. READ MORE »

Net Data Centers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February.

New Jersey and Virginia Data Centers for Sale by Net Data Centers

Jul 21, 2015

Colocation services provider Net Data Centers is selling facilities on the East Coast in order to exit bankruptcy. READ MORE »

Amazon Web Services will build India data centers in 2016 to strengthen cloud offerings for local clients.

India Data Centers Announced By Amazon

Jul 15, 2015

Online retail giant and cloud services provider Amazon, Inc. announced at the beginning of July that it would be expanding its cloud colocation real estate with new India data centers in 2016. READ MORE »

A Colorado data center was recently acquired by Uber from Microsoft.

Colorado Data Center Acquired By Uber

Jul 15, 2015

Rideshare company Uber recently bought a Colorado data center outside Boulder from Microsoft in order to strengthen its map imaging operations. READ MORE »

OnRamp announced that Matt Hammons will be the company's new vice president of operations.

Data Center Finance: OnRamp Names New VP of Operations

Jul 01, 2015

Hybrid cloud hosting and colocation services provider OnRamp named a new vice president of operations June 16. READ MORE »

Microchip manufacturer Intel is looking to expand its data center offerings with its acquisition of Altera.

Intel Expands Data Center Market With Altera Acquisition

Jun 09, 2015

Microchip manufacturer and technology industry giant Intel Corporation announced its purchase of Altera Corporation for $16.7 billion. READ MORE »

Digital Realty announced a 28 percent increase in funds from operations per share for Q1 of 2015.

Digital Realty Reports Strong Earnings For Q1

May 20, 2015

Data center and colocation solutions provider Digital Realty announced Q1 earnings after market close May 5. READ MORE »

Data Center Finance: QTS Realty Trust Acquires Carpathia Hosting

Data Center Finance: QTS Realty Trust Acquires Carpathia Hosting

May 19, 2015

QTS Realty Trust announced in early May that it signed a deal to acquire colocation data center and managed services provider Carpathia Hosting. READ MORE »

A series of connected data centers allows for increased work to be done.

Internap Announces Q1 2015 Financial Details

May 07, 2015

Internap, a global Internet infrastructure provider, announced its first quarter 2014 financial results recently. READ MORE »

Data Center Finance: CyrusOne Acquires Cervalis Holdings

Data Center Finance: CyrusOne Acquires Cervalis Holdings

Apr 30, 2015

CyrusOne announced in late April that it completed the acquisition of Cervalis Holdings, a privately-held data center owner and operator. READ MORE »

Data Center Finance: Green House Data Acquires FiberCloud

Data Center Finance: Green House Data Acquires FiberCloud

Apr 12, 2015

Green House Data announced in early April that it had acquired fellow data center service provider FiberCloud. READ MORE »