WiredRE Continues to Move Data Centers – Partnership With Five Universities In Massachusetts

MIT, Northeastern University, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts and Harvard University are collaborating on an exciting project called the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC). One of the goals of this project is to implement high efficiency systems and use state-of –the-art power distributions and cooling which will make it LEED certified. The innovative technology of the data center will ensure that power is used only by the applications that require them.

In order to implement a project of this scale, the consortium required reliable data center research in a short period of time. Wired Real Estate Group was brought in to help the partners meet tight timelines and provide critical data that wasn’t available from traditional advisory firms.

Everett Thompson, CEO of Wired Real Estate Group likened the project to power plants rather than traditional real estate. Since data centers are highly specialized, long-term, fixed assets. This project provided the WiredRE group an opportunity to showcase its research and singular focus on the data center market.

WiredRE recently expanded its research team to include Lisa Huff, a long-time data center industry analyst with a strong background in optical engineering. Lisa is Data Center Certified and is a sought after industry expert. For More information about WiredRE, the MGHPCC initiative, visit www.wiredre.com.

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