Utah Data Center Expanded To Phase 2 By C7 Data Centers

A Utah data center has begun Phase 2 of its construction. The facility, owned by C7 Data Centers, will be adding 30,000 square feet to its existing 35,000 square feet by October 2015. The growing structure will have over 11 megawatts powering the overall campus owned by C7, which includes 250,000 square feet of buildings in total.

The facility utilizes the geographical peculiarities of Utah to allow it cheaper cooling strategies. The cold desert climate allows the facility to use ambient air and cold air containment to mitigate the variable server heat loads. This enables it to be roughly 20 percent more efficient in terms of allocating power to server loads than other data centers.

In addition, Utah has low power rates and disaster risk profiles, making it one of the safest long-term bets for data centers. The sustainability of the area, combined with its affordable resources, make it home to many information processing facilities. 

There are even more expansions planned for this facility in years to come. In 2016, there are plans to develop an onsite substation to provide additional power resources to the surrounding data centers.

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