Phoenix Data Center Business Bought by Tech Data

Tech Data Corp, a large IT distribution company, recently bought Signature Technology Group, a Phoenix data center business. Signature Technologies Group specializes in providing services to data centers, including consulting, IT services and maintenance. Its purchase by Tech Data Corp. could potentially signal an interest in moving to direct sales of Tech Data Corp.'s IT distribution offerings.

Tech Data Corp, which is based in Clearwater, Florida, offers data center services to resellers across all verticals. It partners with various IT professional services that deploy the technology both in actual centers and through the installation of software on-site and remotely. The purpose of the purchase was to further develop Tech Data's relationships with its strategic channel partners. 

Signature Technology Group was founded in Phoenix in 1990. Charles Layne, the president and CEO of the company, will stay in charge of the organization as it transitions to its role as a subsidiary to Tech Data Corp. Whether or not this means changes to service packages for those who utilize the services of these vendors remains to be seen. 

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