LG’s To Open Largest Korean Data Center

The largest Asian data center will be opened in July by LG. This new center will, once both of its phases have been opened, offer 920,000 square feet of white space and will consume 165 megawatts of power. The center will provide high-density server facilities, cloud services, managed hosting and colocation.

The data center building will utilize a few different energy supplying strategies to make sure that the facility is able to keep up with the power demands of its hosted computer systems. These are sustainable facilities, and have a power-use efficiency score of 1.4. With a wind tunnel built through the floors of the data center building, the new mega-complex is designed to take advantage of a variety of natural factors in order to make its cooling as efficient as possible.

The new data center has been nicknamed the “Mega Center” by the Korean press due to the sheer amount of space inside. Part of the reason for the attention is that it has been built very close to the major technology hub of Seoul.

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