US Data Center Statistics

WiredRE recently talked with ACR regarding the data center market. According to their CEO, there are many ways to identify the size of a data center or IT department, and the approach will depend on the specific market you serve. There are more accurate ways to target IT markets than the traditional approach of simply using company employees or revenue. At ACR they start with a solid understanding of the information technology market – note the following:

– The average number of PCs per IT employee is 25, the average IT budget $$ per IT employee is $220,000.
– The ratio of PCs to total employees ranges from 1:1 to 1:20, depending on vertical market.
– Average number of data center sq ft per IT employee ranges from 40-150.
– 80% of organizations with 500+ deployed PCs are managing 5+ TB of data.
– Over 90% of organizations with 10+ IT employees are supporting 15 or more servers.
– IT budgets range from 1.5% to 8% of revenue, depending on vertical market.
– Over 90% of organizations with 30+ IT employees have a raised floor DC environment.

ACR use this kind of market information, in combination with the IT specific demographic characteristics our researchers collect, to create the most targeted databases available.


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