Telehouse Completes London Data Center Colocation Expansion

Global data center and managed ICT service provider Telehouse recently announced the opening of the last floor of its UK data center in London’s East India Dock. This completes the final phase in the company’s expansion plans at the colocation facility, dubbed Telehouse West.

The newly available floor provides an additional 10,763 square feet (1,000 square meters of client colocation space, part of Telehouse’s phased approach of selling floor area in the London data center’s five floors. The facility first opened in 2010, and since then the company added space roughly every 18 months.

Previous Expansion
The company last opened an additional floor in September 2012 to meet rising demands for high capacity, cost-effective London data center space for UK customers and multinational corporations.

Many Telehouse customers rely on the company for cloud services, and the organization also hosts some of the top cloud providers at the Telehouse West facility. Michelle Reid, Telehouse sales and marketing director, said many customers decide to stay with the company for more than a decade.

“One of the key reasons corporations choose Telehouse is because of our ability to provide and custom-build data center solutions within our facilities,” Reid said.

UK Data Center Features
The East India Dock data center has a power capacity between 2 and 10 kilowatts per rack in several types of customer space, including shared, dedicated, cold aisle containment and high density hosting areas. The 53,800-square-foot (5,000-square-meter) facility is just one of four data centers Telehouse operates in the London area. Overall, the structures serve as part of the backbone for the Global Internet Network.

Each of Telehouse’s London data centers boasts Tier III certification, as well as a 99.95 percent uptime in cooling provision and 99.999 percent uptime for power. Telehouse West also features four incoming power resources, eight generators with redundant supplies and 15 minutes of uninterruptible battery supply with N+1 redundancy.

Telehouse North and Telehouse East, which opened in 1990 and 1999 respectively, include a range of 1 to 3 kilowatts of critical power load per rack, as well as multiple power feeds and backup generators. The company also operates Telehouse Metro in London, which boasts a colocation size of 11,226 square feet (1,043 square meters), 1 kilowatt of power per rack and 30 minutes of UPS battery supply.

Leveraging the four facilities, including the newly available floor space in Telehouse West, the company has been able to expand its service footprint throughout Europe. The company also has expansions planned in Docklands, London and Europe.

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