Denver Data Center Market Expansion

Several areas throughout the United States have seen rapid growth in the data center market as organizations construct new facilities or expand their footprints within existing structures. The Denver data center market is among these regions, with CoreSite’s data center lease extension and FORTRUST’s new wholesale colocation data center among the city’s developments.

CoreSite Reinvests in Data center for lease
CoreSite recently announced plans to extend the term of its lease at its Denver data center. With the new agreement in place, CoreSite now has contractual rights and control over the establishment until 2024.

In addition, the lease extension allowed the company to boost its capacity at the data center campus, making it one of the most interconnected facilities in the Rocky Mountain region. The Denver data center site houses two facilities, DE1 and DE2, which provide customers with capacity, connectivity, community and customer service.

Modular Expansion
Fortrust recently expanded services in the Denver region as well. The company was awarded certification from the Uptime Institute for its Tier III modular expansion at its Denver data center.

“The Tier III design certification substantiates the expected reliability of our newest phase of modular expansion in our Denver data center,” said Rob McClary, Fortrust senior vice president and general manager.

The facility growth came in response to customer demands, and Fortrust is now the in process of providing “on-demand’ space and capacity and the colocation facility. The organization utilized IO.Anywhere data modules for the expansion, which create a scalable, high density platform for data center colocation services.

“The data center industry as a whole was broken,” David Shepard, Fortrust vice president of sales and marketing, told Confluence Denver. “To match the needs of the users, modular technology was key.”

New Denver Data Center
Via West also expanded its presence in Colorado with the addition of a fifth data center in the Denver area. The new facility was built in Southeast Denver and included a Tier IV design for redundancy and fault-tolerant components.

The company’s new establishment is a 210,000 sqaure foot facility, and is set to be fully completed within the first quarter of this year. The data center, dubbed Compark, will feature 140,000 square feet of raised floor space and an estimated power usage effectiveness rating of 1.2. The structure will support Via West’s customer services including infrastructure and hybrid environments, cloud computing, wholesale and retail colocation, managed services and compliance solutions.

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