Vineyard Data Center Park Receives Urban Renewal Status, New Tax Incentives

The 108-acre tract in south Colorado Springs will be developed under urban renewal rules, which could translate to using tax money. City Council voted 5-3 to approve the Vineyard Data Center Park, southeast of Janitell Road and Executive Circle, as urban renewal property, paving the way for tax money for infrastructure, allowed in urban renewal … Read more


According to Vince Colarelli, Principal, Vineyard Data Park has been officially designated an enterprise zone. With this designation, Vineyard has become one of the most tax friendly locations nationally. Incentives available at the site include the following: – > 10 Year, 90 Percent Property Tax Rebate – > Investment, Job Creation, and Corporate Income Tax … Read more

Colorado Data Center Park
100MW+ Colocation or Single-Tenant
Lease, Sale, Colorado Springs

Vinyard Data Center Park, CO Springs

Vineyard Data Center Park is a 108 acre development immediately south of downtown Colorado Springs. The site has been approved for over $60 million in incentives from both the federal and local municipal governments. Vineyard ownership estimates the benefit of these incentives at between 40 and 50 percent of the total up-front capital cost of … Read more

Colorado Data Center Vineyard 100+ MW Data Center Park Planning for $1 Billion in Investment

The Vineyards LLC is bringing to market a 100+ MW master-planned and sustainable data center development, Vineyards Data Center Park, in Colorado Springs, for lease and occupancy in 2011. The Vineyard Data Center Park is complimenting an already established data center market in Colorado Springs, with current occupants including Hewlett Packard, Verizon Wireless, FedEx and … Read more