Operators Branch Out with Cayman Islands Data Center Expansion

Recently, a few data center operators have expanded their service footprint with new Cayman Islands data center projects.

FinScan's New Cayman Islands Data Center
FinScan, a provider of sanctions, screen solutions and document verification services, recently announced the opening of its Cayman Islands data center, as well as plans for additional international facilities in the U.S., Canada and Germany.

According to FinScan, customer demands have been on the rise the world over, prompting the need for additional structures to support these needs. Business administrators chose to build a new data center in the Cayman Islands to serve individual and enterprise clients in Latin America and offshore locations include the Caribbean.

This is not the only Cayman Islands data center for FinScan. The company elected to build a second facility to ensure that clients have optimum uptime. However, the organization has not yet had a server go out at any of its data centers.

Calligo and MCS Partnership: Making Services Available in the Cayman Islands
In addition to FinScan's expansion, Calligo also recently made efforts to boost its service abilities in the Cayman Islands. Earlier this year, the company announced a partnership with MCS Ltd., an offshore cloud vendor, to establish a presence in the region.

Through the partnership, clients in and near the Cayman Islands will now have access to the CalligoCloud platform and other services such as IaaS, DaaS and a range of SaaS solutions.

Benefits of Cayman Islands Data Center Projects
The Cayman Islands comes with its own set of unique benefits for facility operators. The site provides close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico area, as well as offshore countries like Cuba and Jamaica. Clients in these countries can take advantage of the nearby data center services in the Cayman Islands.

Additionally, the region also provides offshore jurisdiction, which will potentially help address clients' data privacy concerns as well as challenges with operational processing windows. Recently, a number of banking institutions have sought out resources in the Cayman Islands, which could be a driving factor of data center growth in the region. FinScan senior vice president Michael Ott said the information jurisdiction advantage is a main service perk of the Cayman Islands.

Furthermore, the Brac Infomatics Centre also noted that the location provides reliable access to a dual undersea fiber connectivity network, providing the necessary resources to support operators' processes and allow for robust client infrastructures.

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