Multiple China Data Centers Opened By China Mobile

China Mobile announced in late November that it has started construction on a new West China data center.

The new facility will be located in Qinghai, the country's fourth-largest province by size. The China data center is being built in the Haidong Industrial Park, which is only 20 miles from the capital of Xining, making it an ideal site for government entities to store data. The complex will be built in three phases. In phase one, a total of 303,600 square feet will be constructed across three buildings. When fully operational, the site will be able to host 3,200 racks.

Hong Kong Data Center Opened
China Mobile has made a number of moves in recent weeks to expand its data center presence in the country, as well as grow its mobile Internet and information consumption business. In mid-November the company announced the opening of a global network center in Hong Kong. The GNC offers 100,000 square feet of available space and the ability to host nearly 2,000 racks. The company hopes the site will serve to significantly improve its international infrastructure capability and service standard.

The Hong Kong data center is serving as China Mobile's global telecom hub and cable landing station and is the company's most significant location inside the country. The site is also the first such facility built by a Chinese carrier outside of the country's mainland. The company aims to provide a host of telecommunications and data center service from the facility.

The GNC is LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, as well as certified by the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method Society.

Gansu Groundbreaking
At the beginning of November, China Mobile broke ground on a new Gansu data center.  More than $414 billion has been invested into the facility that will cover more than 961,000 square feet when fully completed, making it one of the largest data centers in the province. The massive site is capable of hosting nearly 11,000 racks. The site is expected to be operational in 2016.

Expanding Market
The China data center market is growing quickly and the country is already the center of the industry in the Asia Pacific region, with 30 percent of the area's facilities existing there. China has also shown the highest rate of growth in the region, increasing 20 percent in the last year alone.

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