UK Data Center Expansion Started By Datum Datacenters

Datum Datacenters announced in late November that it had begun an expansion of its Farnborough data center.

The complex was originally constructed in four phases, with the first phase reaching completion in November 2013 and the next three following in regular intervals. The site is comprised of two floors, each currently providing 22,000 square feet of available space. When fully completed, the expansion will enable Datum to almost triple the size of the U.K. data center so it will encompass 110,000 square feet. The extra space became necessary after 2014 proved to be more successful than previously anticipated.

The Farnborough data center currently has the ability to hold 1,000 colocation racks and offers capacity of 6 MVA of total power with the possibility of upgrading to 7.5 MVA. The facility also provides 30 kW per rack to support high density computing. The expansion will include an additional hall capable of housing another 250 racks.

More than 30 organizations use space within the U.K. data center.

"The full package of enhanced security, resilience to 2N backed by 100% uptime SLA, carrier- and cloud- neutral connectivity, and environmental efficiency – all delivered with enterprise-class service management – is hard to equal in the co-location market," said Datum managing director Dominic Phillips. "Launching any business from a standing start can be a huge challenge and it is thanks to the team that we have secured Datum's position as a premium provider in the UK co-location market."

The Farnborough facility utilizes data center sustainability techniques like pressurized free-air cooling in order to provide environmental efficiencies in an attempt to reach a target PUE of 1.25.

Farnborough is quickly becoming a popular alternate technology hub for companies with London data centers looking to capitalize on the proximity and availability of a robust fiber network.