Vision – Cloud, Colocation, Data Centers

About WiredRE

Information technology and telecommunications are playing an increasingly large role in our daily lives. Internet firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have become household names. What is the backbone of these and other large enterprises?

The answer is data centers. These firms would not operate without computers and the environment to power and cool them. As the Internet has grown, so has the scale of these compute environments, with electrical power that would serve small cities, cooling that dwarfs large-scale manufacturing, and fiber optics that span the globe.  We are witnessing the birth of a new class of infrastructure specifically designed to support the Information Age.  

What Does WiredRE Do?

Wired Real Estate Group (“WiredRE”) is an independent cloud, colocation, and data center research firm solely focused on cloud and data centers. WiredRE obtains 100% of its revenue from cloud, colocation and data centers. Our multi-disciplinary approach is rooted in power engineering, large-scale fixed asset finance, data center operations, and real estate.