Vision – Cloud, Colocation, Data Centers

About WiredRE

Information technology and telecommunications are playing an increasingly large role in our daily lives. Internet firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo! (“GAMFY”) have become household brands.  What is the backbone of these and other large enterprises?

The answer is data centers. These firms would not operate without racks upon racks of computers and data centers to power and cool them.  Computers are not the typical occupants of a building; their demands can take the form of electrical power on the scale of small cities, cooling that dwarfs large-scale manufacturing, and countless telecom lines that span the globe.  We are witnessing the birth of a new class of infrastructure specifically designed to support the Information Age.  

Wired Real Estate Group (“WiredRE”) is the nation’s leading independent cloud, colocation, and data center advisory firm

What Does WiredRE Do?

WiredRE understands, anticipates and meets the cloud, colocation, and data center needs of our clients for strategy, design, planning, research and finance.  We leverage our collective experience, disciplined research, and best-practice models to deliver quick, reliable, and attractive results. Our typical deliverables are fact-based market research, recurring revenue in the form of new customers, risk adjusted return on investment or demonstrable savings from a jointly executed project.  We don’t just opine — we execute.

What Makes WiredRE Different?

Clients. We put our proprietary methodology to work with the most demanding clients in the industry.  WiredRE has advised two of the top three global telecommunications firms and half of the most respected banks in the US.  The company has the #1 market share among leading firms, and in 2014 WiredRE became the #1 independent data center advisor in the United Kingdom.

Research. Our clients value our role as market participants and dealmakers, not just observers, which affords us a unique perspective. Our website is host to the largest public database of colocation and data center locations globally, and our team has tracked the detailed buying behavior of IT decision makers for the last 30 years. WiredRE also hosts the world’s largest colocation and data center social network, which helps us and our clients stay abreast of the latest trends.

Investment Advisory. We have advised some of the largest global banks and private equity firms in public and private investments up to $100 million.  Additionally, our partnerships with high net worth investors have expanded our options for joint ventures.  We strive to achieve the highest risk adjusted returns on all cloud, colocation, and data center investments.

Specialists. WiredRE obtains 100% of its revenue from cloud, colocation and data centers. Our multi-disciplinary approach is rooted in power engineering, large-scale fixed asset finance, data center operations, and real estate.

Projects. WiredRE has completed engagements from 10 racks to 100-acre greenfield developments.  Recent projects include just-in-time (JIT) acquisition, client acquisition, rapid deployment of modular data center solutions, joint ventures, M&A, cloud, colocation, and data center research. Globally, the firm represents over one million square feet of colocation and data centers for lease and sale.