Missouri Data Center Construction Planned For Ascent

Ascent announced plans to build its newest St. Louis, Missouri data center, where the company is headquartered.

The Missouri data center will feature multi-tenant space be designed after Ascent’s Dynamic Data Center Suite model. The St. Louis data center will be capable of providing the highly scalable and flexible infrastructure necessary for the area’s growing biotech and life sciences sectors.

“Our offices are here, our roots are here, and our plans to develop a data center here are finally coming to fruition,” said Ascent CEO Phil Horstmann. “Finding a site at the epicenter of numerous and diverse fiber providers, redundant power and near the sprawling tech corridor, makes this development a prime location for businesses. Our new facility will stand at the nexus of a growing hub for innovation, providing this area with comprehensive data center solutions ideal for the increasing number of companies operating in and around the St. Louis area.”

The new $85 million facility, STL 1, will be developed on a greenfield site spanning 15 acres near the Plymouth Industrial Park in Wellston and will cover 15 acres of land. Horstmann? explained that the $85 million investment covers land acquisition costs and the price of overall development, but it may just be a drop in the bucket when looking at the long term.

“Over the life of the facility, given customers’ IT gear that might be needed, it could equate to 10 times that amount,” he said.

Created With Efficiency, Reliability In Mind
The Missouri data center will have more than 10 Megavolt ampere of available power and the capacity to accommodate a diverse range of architectures and client computing requirements. The building will have 24-foot high ceilings and 40-foot column spacing, creating more efficient utilization of space and equipment. Designs for the facility also include an expandable, hardened shell capable of surrounding the building and protecting it from tornadoes’ high winds, allowing continuity of the center’s operations.

The St. Louis data center will offer clients rack-ready, purpose-built suites that are fully customizable and autonomous, similar to those in the company’s Chicago data center. Shared infrastructure will also be available for clients who wish to have enterprise-level service at a reduced cost.

Ascent’s newest planned facility joins a group of two other new constructions, as the company plans to build a Denver data center as well as a Phoenix data center.

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