Michigan Data Center Market Sees Rising Activity

Nexcess recently expanded its service reach with the launch of its new 16,000 square foot data center. The facility comes in addition to the company’s locations in Dearborn, Michigan, as well as its Australia and UK data centers.

Nexcess, which provides hosting services for WordPress, Magento and ExpressionEngine, noted that the new facility came in response to rising customer demands, particularly in the e-commerce sector.

“The new facility will allow us to continue scaling hosting operations smoothly without the performance issues that plague many hosting companies during periods of growth,” said Nexcess president and CEO Chris Wells.

The new Michigan data center includes 12,000 square feet of dedicated data center space, with the remainder of the facility divided off for office space. The structure boasts redundant Liebert power distribution units to support its 3 megawatts of critical power load. The data center also includes two 750-kilowatt generators with a redundant backup system, as well as individual dry cooling units in each server room.

In addition to providing resources for growing client demands, the data center also serves as the company’s global headquarters and largest point of presence in the U.S.

Online Tech’s Michigan Data Center Expansion
Earlier this year, Online Tech joined Nexcess in growing its Michigan data center service footprint with the expansion of its mid-state facility in Flint Township. The growth project represented an additional $3 million investment in the data center, which now boasts double the capacity in space and power resources.

With the completion of the expansion, the Michigan data center is now a 32,500 square foot structure with a total of 4 megawatts of backup power, thanks to the addition of two 1-megawatt generators. Overall, the facility has 22,500 square feet of raised floor space and 10,000 square feet of power-protected recovery space. The company’s focus on uptime and reliability ensures that growing client needs in the Michigan area will have access to the services they require.

Online Tech’s Michigan data center was also independently audited, and is compliant with a number of industry-specific standards, including HIPAA and PCI. In all, the facility boasts five individual certifications for compliance.

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