Johannesburg Data Center Planned For Teraco Data Environments

Teraco Data Environments announced in late March that it has plans to open a new South Africa data center.

The facility, located in Johannesburg, will be the largest data center in southern Africa. The site will provide more than 53,000 square feet of space and will cost nearly $40 million to complete. The Johannesburg data center will offer enterprise cloud services throughout the region and is expected to be operational by 2017. A growing number of businesses in the country and the surrounding region are looking to move some or all of their IT assets into the cloud.

Growing investment in the company helped to provide the majority of the funding for the South Africa data center. In January, Barclay's Africa invested nearly $33 million in Teraco after the company underwent a change of ownership. A month earlier Teraco was purchased by international equity firm Permira.

"Teraco is now a mature business with a proven strategy, and the Permira funds' experience in investing in technology markets globally will help Teraco deliver its ambitious growth goals," said Teraco CEO Leo Van Wyk.

In addition to the new South Africa data center, Teraco also operates three other facilities with a total of nearly 70,000 square feet of white space. The company serves more than 200 clients, including blue chip companies from a variety of sectors such as telecommunications and financial services. One of those sites is a second Johannesburg data center offering 43,000 square feet of space. The complex offers businesses across the continent colocation and cloud services as well as running exchange and peering service NAPAfrica.   

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