Iowa Data Center for Lease to be Marketed by WiredRE

InfoBunker, national provider of carrier neutral data centers capable of surviving a nuclear blast, retains the Wired Real Estate Group to support sales and marketing of its one-of-a-kind data center properties.

Des Moines, IOWA July 4, 2008 InfoBunker Inc., national provider of carrier neutral data centers capable of surviving a nuclear blast, has augmented its sales & marketing team via a reciprocal alliance with the Wired Real Estate Group of San Francisco. The move coincides with the full commercial operation of the company’s flagship property, in Des Moines, Iowa, which was originally commissioned in October, 2006.

The company’s flagship property, Bunker #1, was launched to support the mission critical operations of those companies who desire the highest level of security and survivability. Custom constructed within a former military command center, this facility is one of only a small handful of commercially available data centers designed to survive all known disasters, including a nuclear blast. The facility boasts 65,000 gross square feet, which yields high-density floor space in increments from a single cabinet up to 15,000 square feet, all located three to five stories below ground, encased in steel reinforced concrete and shielded from EMP blasts and other electromagnetic events (e.g. solar flares).

According to InfoBunker CEO, Jason McGinnis: Our company supports the most security conscious enterprises and government entities. We needed a best-in-breed firm with the highest integrity to represent our company. The Wired Real Estate Group were the only choice. They will significantly enhance our team in representing our flagship facility and future developments.

“InfoBunker flagship data center is like no other. I have represented mission-critical infrastructure all over the world, and I’ve never seen anything comparable to the security and survivability of Bunker #1 it doesn’t even show up on a map,” added Everett Thompson, Wired Real Estate Group. “InfoBunker is set to play a key role in the market for high-security and survivable data centers, and we are delighted to be part of their success.”

InfoBunker provides the nations only commercially available data center designed to survive any natural or manmade disaster including truck bombs, chemical threats and nuclear war. Its highly resilient environment is ideal for government, carriers, Internet content companies, hosting firms, and enterprises to locate primary or backup operations. The company’s flagship facility, Bunker #1, has never suffered an outage since service commencement in 2006. Locations and client roster are undisclosed and untraceable.

About InfoBunker

InfoBunker is the nation’s only provider of full service, high-security data center space capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. The company offers premium, high-density colocation and interconnection services out of untraceable and highly guarded locations. Government, enterprises, content companies, systems integrators and network service providers look to InfoBunker for security, survivability, scalability, and network diversity.

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