Infrastructure Demand Response Planning – Everett Thompson Presenting Luncheon Keynote At Capre’s Eighth Annual Greater Chicago Cloud & Data Center Summit On March 19Th

Luncheon Keynote: Changing The Game – Using Infrastructure Demand Response (“Idr”) To Drive Roic And Avoid Stranded Capacity In Hybrid Cloud And Data Center Portfolio Planning And Development

Discussion: Equinix’s average client uses less than half of its contracted capacity.
* How do we improve capital efficiency and avoid stranded capacity?
* What is the root cause of over-provisioning in our industry?
* What are the barriers to the integrated data center and IT (Cloud)
planning and why?
* $/kW, TCO …how are tradeoffs in hybrid architectures (data centers vs cloud) measured?
* What enables just-in-time capacity across hybrid (data center vs cloud) infrastructure?

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