Data Center Design Evolution With Smart Alliances

In a world of $1,000 per square foot real estate, experienced planning and coordination are critical. WiredRE and Deerns America Align to Provide Data Center Design and Project Management Services.

The cost structure and intent of data centers is rapidly changing under the pressure of cloud computing and its move toward massive scale and efficiency. To adapt in a meaningful way, Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”), the nation’s leading data center advisor, announces growing momentum in its partnership with Deerns America, offering data center design and project management services. The Alliance was created to offer world-class support, bringing more innovative opportunities to the data center design process and related project management services.

As an interesting reference, Bernard Golden’s blog at pointed out that there is an old school perspective that cost advantage through “utilization” focused on more efficient use of existing design center patterns. Though, new contemporary perspectives look at transforming the cost basis of data centers by creating new design patterns. “It’s critical to integrate the technical aspects of data center development, design and operations with business planning and commercial feasibility. With experience advising half of the top investment banks in the US, our commercial planning and advisory practice looked to further integrate design and operational expertise via a best-in-breed design firm. We wanted a strategic partner that was exclusively engaged on mission critical infrastructure, and Deerns was an obvious fit,” commented Everett Thompson, CEO, WiredRE. “Deerns has an 80+ year track record producing high-efficiency designs for more than 2,300,000 SF of IT space worldwide, with an IT power of more than 670MW.”

WiredRE’s alliance with Deerns Supports its Holistic Approach to Data Center Real Estate Advisory Solutions

With this highly focused expertise, The Deerns/WiredRE Alliance intends to support large and small-scale developments with integrated solutions for high-density and high-efficiency computing, from feasibility assessment and conceptual design, through commissioning and full-scale operations. Deerns is exclusively focused on critical infrastructure, including Data Centers, Operations Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Clean Rooms, and Level 3 and 4 Bio Hazard Labs, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, reliability, modularity, and scalability. Most recently, Deerns has provided data center design and project management services to Green House Data, and DR Fortress, and design recommendations to Travelport.

Innovative features that will be rapidly deployed include technologies such as Guiding the Cloud© and Green Cooling for Data Centers©. In fact, expectations are that their 100% free cooling solution will find a strong audience. For more information about Deerns’ solutions for critical infrastructure, visit To find out how WiredRE’s holistic approach to data center real estate advisory solutions visit

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