Deerns Sets the Standard for Chasing Energy Reduction in Cloud Data Centers

In a recent article published by Inside Networks, Rob Nash-Boulden, Managing Director Deerns America, offered a high level overview on an innovative new methodology that reduces energy consumption in demanding Cloud Data Center environments. And what great timing as recent research findings from the US based International Data Corporation, a global provider of market intelligence and advisory for IT and Telecoms, forecasts data storage on a global scale is projected to multiply by a factor of 50 in the coming decade.

The adaptation of cloud computing has picked-up momentum in the last twelve months. Data storage providers worldwide expect cloud computing to greatly enhance the efficiency of data center based IT environments and services. With the new datacenters supporting cloud solutions, enhanced efficiency for power consumption is a de facto requirement. On top of the increased efficiency of cloud computing as an IT platform, there is also significant potential for further savings through the integration of the management of the cloud environments and managed datacenter solutions (see FiberMedia Group to read more about managed cloud solutions within their data centers).

To frame the concept a bit, ‘Guiding the Cloud©‘, as the synergistic new concept has been tagged, principally manages – or guides – the cloud platform and the data center facility to minimize energy usage and electricity costs, without affecting cloud performance. The energy management method consists of a set of customized operational, review and energy management procedures, supported by enhanced software architecture. This allows the solution to take into account current statuses and short-term forecasts of the data center infrastructure, and cloud environment. In addition, it automatically manages the infrastructure to maintain set redundancy levels.

Deerns’ patent-pending solution has been proven to achieve an overall electricity cost reduction of as much as 5% to 10% savings in beta tests. So, if you’re doing the math on say a typical 10 MW consumption facility, the dollars can easily translate into $1M annually – of course the results vary depending on the geography and local electric rates of a given region. And that’s with ROI metrics expected to be greater that 100% per year. And looking forward, imagine the green impact with potential energy savings adding up to $10’s of millions per year for the largest global data providers.

In addition to these great initiatives, Deerns is expanding their North American presence as they recently teamed-up with Wired Real Estate Group (WiredRE) in an Alliance that supports a holistic approach to data center real estate advisory solutions. In fact the group brings great experience and success to the market, particularly focused on energy efficiency, reliability, modularity, and scalability. Deerns has designed more than 2,300,000 square feet of IT space worldwide, with IT power of more than 670MW.

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