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Google has announced game-changing updates to its AI-optimized cloud, featuring fifth-generation TPUs and NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Companies like Gridspace have reported a 5x increase in AI model training speed using the TPU v5e. This move highlights the demands of generative AI and large language models, which have seen their ‘parameters’ increase tenfold annually. Another notable advancement is the introduction of Multislice technology, which supports scaling of AI models beyond the physical limits of TPU pods. This capability is expected to materially boost Google Cloud’s performance. Lastly, as Google and other hyperscalers industrialize, it is increasingly evident that compute is migrating to regional hubs of power with friendly development environments. These hubs are revitalizing our industrial stock and evolving into the central backbone of our modern compute industry.

  • 2017: Data Center Pricing, Supply & Demand

    2016 wrapped up for the data center Big 6 public providers (EQIX, DLR, CONE, DFT, QTS and COR) with stable to modestly improving price dynamics, and a supply/demand balance in most markets. While pricing has been stable for the last few years, it is the industry’s continued commitment to underwriting deals based on sustaining ROIC and investor returns in the face of increasing competition that maintains price stability. Overall, pricing and supply/demand fundamentals going into 2017 are solid as evidenced by industry metrics, and a general consensus of service provider market sentiment. These market dynamics are additionally supported by recent WiredRE...

  • Who Consumes 14 Gigawatts Of Peak Hour Power?

    Data center solutions provider Telx announced its support for the FASTER cable system mid-July. FASTER is a transpacific, underwater network that will connect the west coast of the U.S. to the Asia Pacific region. The FASTER system, which is expected to begin operation in the second quarter of 2016, will land in the company's Oregon data center, located right outside Hillsboro. Company officials hope the cable will provide secure interconnectivity to customers on both sides of the Pacific. "We are excited to develop our relationship with the FASTER consortium through the support of this cable system," said Tony Rossabi, Telx's executive...

  • U.S. Venture Capital Market – Online And Software Industry

    VC investment activity jumped in 2014 by 53% over 2013, growing from $45 billion to $69 billion. The market has sustained momentum with $79 billion in 2015 and $71 billion in 2016. 2017 activity is anyone’s guess at this early stage. Software companies are some of the biggest consumers of data centers. For Q1 2017, 37% of transactions occurred in the software market. In Pitchbook’s taxonomy, “software” is comprised of everything from social media sites, SaaS, Cloud, and traditional on-prem installed software. Also for Q1 2017 seven of the top 10 financings were for the software category (Airbnb, SoFi, Instacart,...

  • Datacloud Europe, June 6-8, 2017, Monaco

    Meet decision makers at the defining data center and cloud event of the year Datacloud Europe, June 6-8, Monaco Another year with an innovative enterprise lead program – Do not miss: A European first with Infrastructure Masons panel with Christian Belady (Microsoft), Joseph Kava (Google) & Dean Nelson (Uber) Complimentary tickets for enterprise end-users Chief Data Office of Telefonica and sector maverick Chema Alonso addressing the congress Central Theatre moderated by star of the BBC technology show Click, Spencer Kelly Cloud leadership revealing what to expect in Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and colo Debating the Edge: data centers, growth, impact & prospects Experts on GDPR will discuss recent political...

  • $20 Billion CAPEX Spend For Big 6 U.S. Data Center Companies

    Aggregate development CAPEX over the next four years is estimated at $20 billion. While the top 10 global investment banks will capture the lions share of the credit/debt financing sought by these companies, the remainder of the data center market will need capital too. Click to enlarge.