Data Center Fire Suppression Equipment, Services Offered by WiredRE, Fenwal Protection Systems

Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”) today announced an alliance with Fenwal Protection Systems, a UTC Fire & Security Company, to offer data center fire suppression technology and services. As a leading colocation and data center real estate advisor, WiredRE is an early stage participant in some of the nation’s largest developments, including Vineyard Data Park, Colorado Springs, a 100 MW data center development featuring both colocation and single-tenant sites, Fiber Depot, San Francisco, an over 100k sq-ft carrier hotel, and Vinakom Colocation, Chicago, a Chicago central loop carrier neutral colocation facility. Via the partnership with Fenwal, WiredRE intends to support large and small-scale data center developments with integrated solutions including data center fire suppression. Fenwal has more than 60 years of experience and continues to be the market leader of supplying premier quality fire suppression technology.

“We believe it’s critical to consider fire suppression early into the data center design process. Having recently incorporated data center design services into our portfolio, via our partnership with Deerns America, we began to look to integrate a best-in-breed data center fire protection firm. We wanted a manufacturer with a national brand and pristine reputation,” commented Everett Thompson, CEO, WiredRE. “Fenwal has a 60+ year track record producing clean agent fire suppression systems on some of the largest and most complex data centers on the planet, and we are happy to be associated with their brand.”

“We have been looking for a partner with complimentary services and brand to help us scale and get involved in data center projects at the design stage,” commented Shelley DePuy, Director of Sales, Fenwal Protection Systems. “As a nationally recognized data center advisor, and now with their partnership with Deerns America, WiredRE offers a one-stop solution that fits perfectly with our own plans for the US Data Center market. Our ‘Best in Class’ fire suppression solutions meet the most demanding standards, including our engineered suite of clean agent fire suppression solutions, such as Novac 1230, an agent that does not harm the ozone or damage the environment.” Novec 1230 has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an Atmospheric Lifetime of five days.

About WiredRE
The Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”) is the nation’s leading colocation and data center real estate advisor. The company maintains a proprietary data base of data center supply and demand trends and conducts detailed primary research on the colocation and wholesale data center markets, on a facility-by-facility basis. WiredRE uses this proprietary data center research to consult on data center design, equipment, data center project management, brokerage and data center finance. The firm has completed over 200 engagements in the last 36 months, including Agilent Technologies, Verizon, and half of the top investment firms in the US. Nationally, the firm represents data centers in California, Chicago, Nebraska, Iowa, Dallas, Denver, Oregon, and Colorado Springs. To search over 1,600 colocation data centers for lease or sale, go to

About Fenwal
For more than 60 years, Fenwal Protection Systems, A UTC Fire & Security Company, based in Ashland, MA, has helped end users conduct “business as usual,” without loss of people, operating time, corporate assets or property due to fire. Fenwal Protection Systems (FPS) continues to be the market leader of supplying premier quality fire suppression equipment, along with various detection and fire control systems to risk conscience companies throughout the worldwide global economy. Using the latest technology in very early warning smoke detection in conjunction with clean agent fire suppression, Fenwal provides the right fire protection system to help protect your business’s mission critical applications. FPS is focused on the mission critical facilities and high value asset environments within these companies, while delivering these solutions through a select, world-class distribution and installation network made up of the most experienced and respected local design and service companies in the fire protection industry.

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