BladeRoom Announces Entrance into US Marketplace

BladeRoom Group, an industry leader in ?data center design and construction, announced it will broaden its horizons to include the North American marketplace.

BladeRoom USA is comprised of a partnership between BladeRoom Group, based in the U.K., and Modular Power Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Rosendin Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Dallas. The two companies have a combined 20 years of experience in data center design and layout.

BladeRoom USA aims to be a leader in turnkey next-generation data center provision, merging both permanent brick and mortar construction and modular data center systems. The first North American build is due to be completed in January, 2014 in Chicago, where BladeRoom USA retains headquarters.

According to the company’s website, BladeRoom USA will provide an array of data center services, including construction of efficient, scalable facilities, modular projects, low to high density centers and Tier III and Tier IV data center design, as well as monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

The North American branch’s parent company, BladeRoom, has constructed 29 facilities on three continents since 2010. It also boasts the fastest time to market, as well as the lowest operational costs due to innovative cooling designs. BladeRoom USA will build upon the parent organization’s ability to deliver facilities that reduce client risk, increase profitability and have lower operating costs.

Tailored to Fit the Needs of the Customer
Barnaby Smith, BladeRoom USA head of communications, said the company understands the hesitation and confusion present in today’s data center research process, as those looking for data center space are provided with an array of facility features. The company utilizes the latest off-site assembly techniques to tailor data center layout and design to the client’s specifications.

“We see BladeRoom USA leading the necessary progression of the data center industry because we are the only manufacturer of a factory assembled facility that is built to your exact requirements without compromising the flexibility and robustness of a traditional data center,” Smith said. “Our facilities become operational faster, and operate at a lower cost than your standard data center solution due to increased energy efficiency.”

The company is also IT vendor neutral and will scale the creation and construction of a facility to accommodate any type and size equipment. In this way, BladeRoom USA facilities are flexible and expandable, and represent a less risky, more profitable model of data center than some traditional sites.

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