Australia Data Center Space Acquired By Dell

Dell announced in mid-October that it has taken space in two of Digital Realty’s Australia data centers. The company is utilizing space in Digital Realty’s Sydney data center and Melbourne data center in order to provide enhanced cloud services to its customers in the region.

Dell customers will be able to receive communication-as-a-service, which offers access to more than a dozen Australian telecommunications and Internet service providers including Telstra and Optus.

“We want an incredibly highly secure facility, first and foremost,” said Dell’s cloud services director Kyle Bunting. “Always most important, and as a general mantra of what our customers are trying to buy from us, is the most highly secure private or public cloud today. Security is always number one, and it’s not just about what Dell thinks is the most secure, it’s outside third-party auditors who audited that facility, ISO-27001, Tier-3 design and facility.”

Dell decided to partner with Digital Realty partly because of the provider’s focus on data center sustainability. Both of the Australia data centers have received favorable LEED ratings, and Digital Realty uses? the National Australian Built Environmental Rating System to rate the equipment used within the facilities.

Fresh air cooling hardware has also been implemented within the data centers, allowing the facilities to run the majority of the time without expensive, inefficient air conditioners. The Sydney data center is able to run on the fresh air cooling 94 percent of the time, and the Melbourne data center 96 percent of the time. Once the cooling system has been fully implemented, the facilities will operate at a PUE rating of less than 1.3.

Dell currently operates two other Australian facilities, including a Brisbane data center and a Canberra data center.