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WiredRE to offer Data Center Design Services

Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”) today announced an alliance with Deerns America to offer data center design and data center project management services.

Data Center Design Process

As a leader in data center real estate, WiredRE is an early stage participant in some of the nation’s largest developments, including Vineyard Data Park, Colorado Springs, a 100 MW data center development featuring both colocation and single-tenant sites, Fiber Depot, San Francisco, an over 100k sq-ft carrier hotel, and Vinakom Colocation, Chicago, a Chicago central loop carrier neutral colocation facility. Via the partnership with Deerns, WiredRE intends to support large and small-scale developments with integrated solutions for high-density and high-efficiency computing, from feasibility assessment and conceptual design through commissioning and full scale operations. Deerns has designed more than 2.3 million sq-ft of IT space globally, with a critical load of more than 670 MW.

“It’s critical to integrate the technical aspects of data center development, design and operations with business planning and commercial feasibility. Having advised half of the top investment banks in the US, our commercial planning and advisory practice is leading the nation, so we began to look to integrate design and operational expertise via a best-in-breed design firm. We wanted a firm that works exclusively on mission critical infrastructure, and Deerns was an obvious fit,” commented Everett Thompson, CEO, WiredRE. “Deerns has an 80+ year track record producing high-efficiency designs on some of the largest and most complex developments on the planet, and we expect their 100% free cooling solution to find a strong audience.”

“We are growing rapidly in North American, and we have been looking for a partner with a complimentary brand to help us scale,” commented Barry Weisscher, GM, Deerns America. “We considered numerous firms, but the approach, relationships, and national reach of WiredRE are unmatched to support our growth goals for the US Data Center market. Our ‘Best in Class’ data center solutions meet the most demanding standards for reliability, scalability and efficiency.” Deerns are currently working on scalable, high availability data center design projects with efficiency as low as 1.12.

About WiredRE

The Wired Real Estate Group Inc. (“WiredRE”) is the nation’s leading colocation and data center brokerage firm. The company maintains a proprietary data base of sites and supply / demand trends and conducts detailed primary market research on the colocation and wholesale data center markets, on a facility-by-facility basis. WiredRE uses this proprietary data center research to consult on data center design, equipment, project management, brokerage and finance. The firm has completed over 200 engagements in the last 36 months, including Agilent Technologies, Verizon, and half of the top investment firms in the US. Nationally, the firm represents nearly 1 M square feet of colocation and data center real estate for lease. To search over 1,500 data centers for lease or sale, go to

About Deerns

Deerns is a privately owned firm founded in 1928 with its headquarters in The Netherlands and branches in The United States (Denver, CO and Rockville, MD) Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Dubai. The company has grown into one of the largest independent mechanical and electrical consulting firms in the building services engineering industry in Europe. Deerns is exclusively focused on critical infrastructure, including data centers, airports, hospitals, clean rooms, and Level 3 & 4 bio hazard labs. Deerns’ approach is focused on energy efficiency, reliability, modularity, and scalability. Deerns employees over 500 engineers worldwide and has a turnover of more than $65M.

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