vXchnge Extends Geographic Reach With Eight New Data Centers

vXchnge announced May 4 it had acquired eight new data centers from Sungard Availability Services. These data centers are in Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; Minneapolis; St. Paul, Minnesota; St. Louis; Pittsburgh; Raleigh, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. The acquisition of these facilities brings vXchnge into 15 total geographic markets and allows the company to remain focused on its goal of serving edge markets.

vXchnge, which was founded in 2009 by former Switch & Data executives, focuses on acquiring data center facilities in underserved markets instead of building new ones. The company mostly rents data center real estate to network-centric businesses looking to expand. In Tier 2 markets, bringing content and cloud services closer to customers is a top instigator of data center growth.

“We see tremendous opportunities directly tied to this transaction,” said vXchnge CEO Keith Olsen. “It accelerates our strategic presence in ‘edge’ based marketplaces for companies to grow their businesses. These marketplaces operate as deployment points for our customers’ network-enabled applications and cloud services that require safe, secure and resilient data centers.”

vXchnge already has a Santa Clara, California, two New York City data centers, two New Jersey data centers, a Chappaqua, New York data center and a Cleveland data center.

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