VMware Adds California and Virginia Facilities for vCloud Support

VMware recently announced the availability of the new vCloud Hybrid Service and opened two new data center facilities to support the anticipated demand for the cloud solution.

VMware constructed data centers in Santa Clara, Calif., and Sterling, Va., to complement its current Las Vegas facility and expand access to cloud services. Mathew Lodge, VMware vice president of product management and marketing, stated in a blog post that customers can now purchase cloud capacity in both new locations. The facilities aim to fulfill customers’ needs for greater resiliency and client proximity, Lodge stated.

VMware senior vice president Bill Fathers said the company is quickly growing service capacity to keep up with increased customer demand for the vCloud Hybrid Service.

“Customers now have additional strategic East and West coast locations from which to take advantage of VMware’s hybrid cloud service that is completely interoperable with existing infrastructure and enables new and existing applications to run without compromise,” Fathers said.

Data Center Design for vCloud Service
According to the company’s website, the vCloud Hybrid Service offers customers the opportunity to extend their data centers into the cloud with existing tools, applications and management practices. The service includes packaged application hosting, Web hosting and e-commerce support, enterprise IT and outsourced data center services as well as backup, archiving and data storage. Furthermore, ZDNet stated that those utilizing the technology will have the opportunity to easily deploy major vendors’ tested and approved applications, and gain access to robust cloud management tools.

The data center layout of the two additional sites features fully redundant server infrastructures, virtual machine service, flash-accelerated disk storage and availability of full network virtualization for customers using load balancers, firewalls and VPNs.

Ramin Sayar, VMware cloud management senior vice president and general manager, told Cruxial CIO that IT professionals in all industries must transition from being IT builders to brokers in order to keep up with business demands, stay relevant and deliver services with agility.

“VMware cloud management solutions enable IT to deliver this agility while standardizing and ensuring governance and control – whether the goal is to better manage a highly virtualized environment, build a vSphere-based private cloud, extend to the hybrid cloud or broker services across many providers,” Sayar said.

VMware will expand access to the hybrid cloud service in Europe as well, and plans to open the company’s first UK data center. The company stated beta testing will soon take place in Europe, and the service should be widely available during the first quarter of 2014.

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