Telx Chicago, New York Data Center Investments

Telx, a provider of cloud, colocation and data center services is making several enhancements to its Chicago and New York data centers.

Telx recently announced that it selected TE Connectivity, a provider of state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, to provide high-density fiber infrastructure for the company's new data center in New Jersey. Telx, originally a colocation provider that deployed their solutions in other company's data centers, recently decided to strike out on its own, purchasing an existing Clifton, New Jersey data center last year. In June, Telx unveiled NJ3, the first data center the company built according to its own customization specifications. The new 215,000-square-foot facility offers 100 percent Uptime SLAs as well as Internet exchange, multi-carrier connectivity. Located about 10 miles from Manhattan, the New Jersey data center of Telx is being positioned as an alternative Internet Exchange Point in competition with Equinix. These moves fall on the heels of increasing competition within the IX data center space, with Equinix, Core Site, Internap and EvoSwitch all expanding aggressively around the globe.

"Telx sought a cross-connect network infrastructure that seamlessly bridged the gap between carriers and customer co-location equipment and for use between individual collocated customers," stated Ron Sterbenz, Telx senior vice president of product and marketing. "The solution needed to address large counts of fiber coming in from both outside and within the floors of the facility, while simultaneously balancing the accessibility requirements for technicians managing equipment connections."

TE's portfolio of high-density fiber solutions includes NG4access ODF, which oversees carrier connections on both sides of the data center line-up. It includes an optical distribution frame and universal chassis, which provides IT technicians with unfettered access to infrastructure for maintenance and service updates. Telx's current and future fiber density needs will be supplied by the optical distribution frame, which offers flexible, future-proof modularity and better handling and performance through specially designed cables with smaller diameters.

"In a round-the-clock 'uptime' environment contending with hundreds of thousands of equipment ports, having easy access to fiber cables and connectors is key to make adds, moves and changes," said Jaxon Lang, vice president of TE Telecom Networks.

Telx Invests in Chicago Data Center Capacity
In addition to its New York data center activity, Telx announced enhancements to its Illinois facility in downtown Chicago, located in a data center that hardly needs an introduction – 350 E. Cermak, at 1.1 million square feet, is one of the world's largest data centers. The facility is also a major asset to the larger global business community and supports our national Internet backbone infrastructure. Telx announced that it will add 1.2 megawatts of power to CHI1 to be deployed incrementally across two new suites. The additions bring Telx's operation within the data center to eight suites with more than 3.7 megawatts of high-density colocation space. Telx continues to offer one of the largest colocation footprints at the facility, located in the South Loop neighborhood adjacent to Chicago's central business district. 

"Chicago is a critical marketplace for not only financial services, but content and digital media as well," Sterbenz commented. "The power and capacity expansion in such a globally important location for enterprises to deploy and connect key edge applications is further proof of Telx's commitment to provide best-in class services for the continued growth of our clients. CHI1 offers a high degree of interconnectivity between enterprises as well as an ideal facility for businesses ecosystems across the economic spectrum."

Data center design features in the CHI1 facility include access to CME/LNET Internet Exchanges, a direct line to the SFTI Network and premium interconnectivity to other suites in the facility via fiber optic cables. 

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