Japan Data Center News – Power Predicament

We have all heard about Japan’s power crisis, and possible load reduction mandates for their data center industry due to power shortages, created by the shutdown of seven Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO) nuclear reactors and several thermal-power stations. The question being asked now is, will the data center industry handle almost certain blackouts throughout … Read more

Tokyo, Japan Data Center News

The following is a summary of recent news on investments, buys, and builds of data centers in Japan: Catalyst Repository Systems Opens Tokyo Data Center – A pioneer in providing cloud-based document repositories for e-discovery and other complex legal matters, Catalyst announced the opening of its full-featured, high-security data center in the Shinagawa ward of … Read more

Tokyo, Japan Colocation Data Center 1.8 Million Square Feet LARGE @Tokyo

@Tokyo of Tokyo, Japan, was established as a data center service provider in June, 2000 with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., and INTEC Inc. as the main shareholders. @Tokyo Data Centers provide highly reliable infrastructure with superior seismic protection and fiber access. The company’s flagship site in Toyosu consists of over 1.8 million square feet … Read more