Data Center Design and Construction Costs

GETTING THE UPPER HAND IN DATA CENTER CONSTRUCTION COSTS – Data center expansion decisions are risky and rarely simple. The number of technical and financial trade-offs to consider are vast, making perfection unlikely. Now include the dynamics of various stakeholders leveraging their power in the decision making process or attempting to protect their careers. It’s … Read more

California Data Center Construction Completed by Swinerton

Swinerton Builders, one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted construction firms, tapped into the talent of its Critical Facilities division on the recently completed Phase 2 of a 93,000-square-foot build-out for Latisys, a national IT infrastructure services provider with a large data center in Irvine, CA. Backed by 125 years of construction expertise, Swinerton … Read more


Developing a data center design goes beyond redundancy, efficiency and density requirement. There are a number of methods used today to design and build mission critical infrastructure. These methods include design bid build, design assist and design-build. Which can then be incorporated with the contract processes of CM @ risk, GMP, GC&Fee and others. Each … Read more

Data Center Design Research by Deerns

Research by Deerns has has produced numerous smart “add-ons” to data center infrastructure. What’s an “add-on” you ask? Could it be a “modular” solution? Whatever the definition, the research is leading to dramatic reduction in PUEs…see this white paper, Data Center Design Research by Deerns GC-DC 20110913 v1.0