Stockholm Data Center Opened by Telecity Group

Telecity Group announced in mid-November that it has opened a third Stockholm data center.

The new facility will serve major local and international network service providers and telecoms with high levels of connectivity. Customers will receive direct access to numerous national and international carriers, CDNs and IEPs.

The new Sweden data center offers flexible power densities and configurations of between 2kW and 20kW per rack. All of Telecity's facilities in the country are focused on data center sustainability, utilizing free air cooling to improve PUE and reduce environmental impact. The complex also provides customizable, client-specific security solutions.

Telecity will be taking over complete control of a facility previously owned by European mobile carrier 3 Scandinavia. Network and IT operations in the Stockholm data center will be retained by the telecom. Jorgen Askeroth, CTO of 3 Scandinavia, said that the partnership is particularly beneficial now that 4G mobile services have proliferated the market, as Telecity can operate the facility and allow 3 Scandinavia to focus solely on providing high quality mobile service.

Niclas Sanfridsson, Telecity Group vice president for the Nordic region, said that working with 3 Scandinavia is similarly advantageous for his company.

"3 Scandinavia choosing to retain their network and IT operations with TelecityGroup is a great testament," said Sanfridsson. "This additional capacity means that we're able to take advantage of the consistently strong new demand in the market and, at the same time, support the increasing power, space and connectivity requirements of our existing customers so that they can continue to grow."