Singapore Data Center Connectivity Upgraded By 1-Net

Asian data center service provider 1-Net announced in mid-May that it had begun upgrading the infrastructure within its Singapore data center to improve the company's connectivity network. The upgrade allows 1-Net customers to connect to 14 other sites within Singapore at either 1Gbps or 10Gbps, but the company hopes to eventually interconnect numerous Asia data centers in multiple countries.

The upgrade of the Singapore data center enables 1-Net customers to improve business performance by providing access to a data center corridor. The corridor includes facilities operated by major players like AT&T, Equinix, Digital Realty and Pacnet, among others. The network provides users with interconnectivity that allows them to peer between facilities and create new business models. Interconnected data centers also offer lower latency and improved availability or high bandwidth.

"With the data center corridor, our customers will be able to leverage the connectivity to other data centers in Singapore and the rest of Asia as they look to expand their business operations in the region, offering them greater flexibility, resiliency and cost reduction," said Mr. Wong Ka Vin, managing director of 1-Net.

1-Net is looking to grow its data center corridor even further to include facilities in a wider range of countries. In late 2014 the company partnered with Thai providers TCCT and UIH to enable connectivity between Thailand and Singapore.

At the same time as 1-Net is investing in stronger network connections within the Asia Pacific region, the company is also putting a large amoung of money into a new Singapore data center known as 1-Net North. The new site offers more than 200,000 square feet of available space and is expected to cost nearly $130 million. The facility represents 1-Net's first expansion in the region, but the company hopes to open additional sites in the area, including an Indonesia data center, Philippines data center and Malaysia data center.

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