Second Tokyo Data Center Opened By Catalyst

Catalyst Repository Systems recently announced the launch of its second Tokyo data center. The facility will allow the company to offer its new predictive computing tools – Catalyst Insight and Insight Predict – to customers in Japan and Asia.

Catalyst, which provides cloud-based repositories for e-discovery and legal matters, opened its first Tokyo data center in 2011. The company's products assist businesses and legal teams by providing multi-language e-discovery tools to organizations that do international litigation, government investigations, and companies and law firms doing internal investigations and audits.

Dave Sannar, Catalyst's managing director in Japan, said he expects demand for data computing facilities in Asia to grow in the coming years. The company opened its second Tokyo data center in order to accommodate increasing customer needs.

"Our original data center was reaching capacity," Sannar said. "We want to grow and that required either expanding this one or starting a new one. We [also] had a brand new e-discovery system, and that is Insight. Over the past few years, it has been refined and is much better than it was originally as all software versions are."

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