Dallas And Virginia Data Centers Sold By 365 Data Centers

Virginia and Dallas data centers owned by 365 Data Centers have been sold by the company in order to focus on its other existing data center properties.

365 Data Centers, which delivers data center capacity to densely populated areas to provide content to end users and consumers, focuses primarily on Tier II U.S. Markets. This means that the organizations specializes in "edge data centers" located outside of the largest markets in the U.S., New York, Dallas and Silicon Valley, and instead focuses on cities like Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo. 

The sale of its Virginia and Texas data centers mark the company getting rid of centers in Tier I markets. The Reston, Virginia data center was sold to a managed services provider, InfoRelay Online systems. 365 has not commented on who its Dallas center has been sold to.

in the wake of selling off two of its centers, 365 has upgraded many of its other investments, including its Nashville, Tennessee data center, which hosts the city's first internet exchange center, NashIX. 

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