Scotland Data Center Planned For Brightsolid

Brightsolid announced plans in early October to build a new, energy efficient Scotland data center.

The company has said it will invest $8 million into the Aberdeen facility, which will have an initial capacity of 23,000 square feet and the ability to hold 200 high-density racks with 30 kW of capacity each. The building is being designed to expand to twice its original size, with capacity for 400 petabytes of data storage.

Construction of the Tier III facility is expected to begin in late October and Brightsolid plans to have the Scotland data center operational by April 2015.  The company intends to construct the facility with data center sustainability in mind and they are collaborating with Keysource in order to achieve a PUE rating of 1.25. The average U.K. data center has a PUE? rating of around 2. Keysource's unique Ecofris cooling system utilizes chilled water and allows for flexible, efficient and resilient cooling.

"The Aberdeen facility has been designed to the highest technical spec," said Brightsolid CEO Richard Higgs. "It will feature Ecrofris cooling technology and employ a full data center monitoring system including environmental, plant, power and PUE monitoring."

Aberdeen is considered to be the energy capital of the U.K. as it is conveniently located nearby the North Sea oil fields. The city alone accounts for 28 percent of Scotland's GDP.  In September, CityFibre announced it plans to build a state-of-the-art fiber network across Aberdeen, positioning the city to become the most digitally connected in Scotland. Brightsolid is also working with multiple major network providers within the U.K. to establish connections with networks at a local, national and international level, with particular focus on other major energy hubs.