Oracle Adds Four Data Centers to Support Global Cloud Infrastructure

In order to expand its growing global cloud infrastructure, Oracle recently invested in four new data center sites in Canada and Germany. After this addition, the company will have 17 data center facilities around the globe supporting its managed service offerings.

According to the company, Oracle's efforts center around a push to simplify information technologies, allowing clients to drive efforts for modernization and change, as well as provide value and solutions for their own customers. Oracle currently boasts 400,000 customers utilizing the company's database, software and application offerings as well as its engineered systems. The company provides solutions to address needs for cloud support, data storage, and other managed services.

Oracle's cloud infrastructure, supported by its network of data center fiber optic cables, provides the platform for the company's enterprise SaaS offerings, which encompass applications for human capital management and customer experience. The business also has enterprise resource planning services available featuring built-in business intelligence as well as social and mobile capabilities.

The company stated that its newest cloud data centers will be online and running by the second quarter of 2014 as added means to meet customer demands and maintain compliance with the data privacy and regulatory guidelines of Oracle's service areas.

Additionally, Oracle's cloud is unique in that it offers a layered security approach to protect data and systems at multiple points in the arrangement, according to the company.

Oracle President Mark Hurd said the organization understands the demands of its clients, who seek mission critical cloud services that provide additional resources. Additionally, Hurd said Oracle is excited about the expansion, which further shows its commitment to the needs of their global customer base.

"Oracle operates a mission critical cloud, and we understand that cloud services need to deliver more than our already industry leading breadth and depth of cloud service functionality," Hurd said. "Oracle also delivers on the requirements of enterprise IT, including important corporate and regulatory requirements around data privacy security."

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