Nigeria Data Center Almost Completed For MainOne

MainOne announced in June that it is nearly ready to open its Tier III Nigeria data center, the largest in West Africa.

The facility, which is over 70 percent complete, is being built to meet growing demands for network services and managed computing in Africa. The data center is an expansion of an existing MainOne facility and is directly connected to the company's entire connectivity platform, as well as all of the major Nigerian networks.

"The Tier III commercial data center that we are building will help improve the ability of organizations to move their key business processes online, as well as accelerate the evolution of Nigeria into a digital economy when launched," said MainOne CEO Funke Opeke. "Access to bundled services and connectivity solutions from a trusted provider ensures organizations save capital costs that would have been required to build and maintain dedicated data center facilities."

The Africa data center is spread over more than 37,000 square feet and offers 600 available racks, as well as a redundant power supply of 6 megavolt amperes. The Nigeria data center will also offer an around-the-clock network operations center. The physical structure will cost more than $24 million to complete and the purchase and installation of the facilities are estimated to cost another $18 million.

With the creation of the company's Lagos metro fiber network and the expansion of their Africa data center presence, MainOne is demonstrating a commitment to providing broadband communication services to large corporations, e-commerce providers, government and education institutions in Nigeria.

"This facility is designed to meet rigorous availability standards and offers highly secure and reliable, purpose-built alternative with with multiple layers of redundancy on all critical electrical and mechanical components to our customers," said MainOne general manager of capital projects Gbenga Adegbiji. "This guarantees continuous access [and] uptime to hosted critical applications and data improving the overall operational efficiency and profitability of our customers."

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