Nebraska Data Center Opened By Two Universities

A new Nebraska data center is being established to support universities in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

The facility is being primarily funded by $300,000 from the National Science Foundation. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be housing the Central Plains Research Data Center, which will likely open in Fall 2015.

This new center will provide researchers access to restricted federal data, including encrypted and/or sensitive information, as long as they have the appropriate identifying key cards and other security passes with them.  In a statement, John Anderson, the data center's executive director, described the information set to be stored in this facility as a "veritable gold mine."

They will be using this information in a variety of ways. Some of the topics include economics, rural versus urban life, resource sustainability and building better survey methods. The Nebraska data center will receive information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics, the U.S. Transportation Department, the National Center for Health Statistics and the Housing and Urban Development Department.

This is one of 18 data centers in the U.S. that are supported by university partnerships, but it is one of the first in its specific geographic region.

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