Manhattan Data Centers: Sabey, Telx set up shop in New York

Manhattan may not seem like the most ideal location for a data center. However, with the data center site strategically situated near a number of important resources, it's not all that surprising to put a computing hub in such a crowded area. Sabey and Telx both saw potention in the Manhattan data center market and have New York data centers within their service portfolios. 

Sabey announces East Coast network expansion
In March, Sabey Data Center Properties announced significant expansion at its lower Manhattan data center, Intergate.Manhattan, where 10 information and telecommunications providers have signed up for space to grow their East Coast service footprints. This includes a number of fiber optic network carriers like Zayo, Lightower, Verizon, Level 3 and Time Warner Cable Business Class, among others.

The inclusion of 10 carriers within Sabey's New York data center is considered a milestone for the company.

"We hand an internal goal of 10 because that's a number people would accept as critical mass," noted Daniel Meltzer, Sabey sales and leasing vice president. "Now we have the ability for tenants to choose their carriers."

However, this isn't the end of Manhattan data center activity for the organization. Currently, a number of other carriers, including those based in Europe, are negotiating contracts with Sabey for space in the New York data center. as the location is in a unique position to provide computing support for clients needing data center services on the island. 

Telx's Historic Manhattan Data Center Towers 
Telx is best known for its historic Manhattan data center housed in two Art Deco skyscrapers built in the late 1920s and early '30s. The structures were originally established for Western Union and AT&T's telecommunications infrastructure, and continue to serve as a data center for Telx.

In addition to its computing hub, the buildings are also known for their beautiful architecture, designed by Ralph Walker. Over the years, the Manhattan data center has undergone construction to make adjustments to support the infrastructure equipment, including the addition of reinforced foundations.

Last year, Telx expanded its services at the well-known site and now operates 69,000 square feet in addition to its original 80,000 square feet. The company's operations are spread across several floors at the data center towers.

Currently, more than 250 networks converge inside the Manhattan data center towers and is considered one of the biggest Internet switch points in the world.

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