Louisiana Data Center Opened by IT Services Provider Venyu

At the beginning of April, IT services provider Venyu recently announced the opening of its third facility, a Louisiana data center in Baton Rouge. The $14 million structure provides 23,000 square feet of space and offers resources for customers seeking cloud-based data support, including varying levels of power density and redundant components.

Louisiana Data Center Market
Market research highlights Louisiana as one of top states to launch a business, including a No. 1 ranking in Business Facilities 9th Annual Rankings Report for potential in economic growth. Currently, Venyu has two other data centers located in the southern half of the United States.

“In today’s highly competitive market, industry demand for crucial data center services such as colocation, cloud hosting, managed hosting and cloud backup are on the rise – as businesses seek more cost-effective IT solutions to drive efficiencies and generate revenue,” Venyu CEO Scott Thompson said.

Data Center Details
Venyu’s new Louisiana data center provides a number of resources for clients, including five kilowatts of critical power load for each rackspace within 8,600 square feet of data center space. The Advocate reported that the facility expansion brings the data center from one megawatt of power to three megawatts, or enough to power about 1,380 residential homes in the region for one year.

“We’re able to do more with less from a space perspective but it consumes more power, so your power density per square foot has to match that need,” stated Matt Wallace, Venyu marketing vice president.

The structure features four one-megawatt generators built into a N+1 configuration and 800 tons of cooling capacity provided by redundant HVAC systems. The new Baton Rouge facility also includes redundant multi-provider bandwidth for optimum service uptime, round-the-clock security and monitoring as well as biometric and card reader access points.

Venyu’s Data Center Service Footprint
The Louisiana data center makes three facilities in Venyu’s data center services footprint. Other structures include its flagship facility in Baton Rouge’s Bon Carre Business Park and a Northern Louisiana data center outside the Barksdale Air Force Base in the National Cyber Research Park.

Venyu has been a subsidiary of the Gonzales telecommunications company Eatel since September 2013. Within the past three years, Venyu has invested approximately $20 million in data centers and associated services.

“That’s infrastructure that we’re building so that our customer base doesn’t have to go out and purchase it,” said Tommy Curb, Venyu business development vice president.

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